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Yorkshire League Matches
We played our first match on Saturday against Ilkley Kinghts.

We had a great match but had to concede board 6 before the match started as we had only 5 players.

Martin finished first after his opponent, Chris Patrick, lost a piece early in the game.
Stephen finished next after a close game against Caelan Batty - which Caelan won.
I finished next after another close game where I was fortunate to find a winning combination against Callum Whitton.
Mike edged a tight match to beat a very good young player called Shriaansh Ganti.
This left us at 3-2 with James having the most challenging match.  
James was ahead for much of the game, playing Andy Wainwright, the highest rating player on the day.
After an intense middlegame and ending Andy 'pulled out the stops' and squeaked a victory.
Thus the match was tied at 3-3.

Great fun, a lovely playing atmosphere at Ilkley and a great day overall.

Calum Whitton v Charlie Woodbridge

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